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We are seasoned, accomplished, professionals dedicated to our specialties and committed to exceeding your expectations every time. We are determined to help and amaze communities throughout the United States, one happy client at a time.


Our Mission


C & J ONE STOP SERVICES: To provide the best, in quality and service.


MARYSE NELSON CONSULTING: To serve, help and honor every client with unsurpassed professionalism.


Our Vision


To be a national, leading provider of business and professional services with laser focus on excellence, respect and integrity.


Our Values

We believe in God and Family.

We honor truth, ethics and integrity.

We are committed to quality and affordability.

We are devoted to community and goodwill.

We take pride in and aim to maintain and protect our good name.

We are here to help others succeed and grow professionally.

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CALL TODAY 321-804-8044
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