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An Orientation and Reference Guide for Every Home-Care Practitioner. Order Yours Today!

Americans are living longer, making the future for home care services a very bright one indeed. As the aging population continues to grow, so will the demand for services that help patients and caregivers cope with illness and disability. There has never been a better time for the providers of those services to fine tune their workforce for competence and competitiveness. Home care agencies need professionals to deliver excellent care and also to remain mindful of the company’s bottom line. SECOND TO NONE is a trainer for those practitioners.


The author, Maryse Nelson, a seasoned professional, offers sound advice on the all-important triad of the patient, the company and the home care practitioner. This guide should be required reading for all home care professionals especially newcomers to the field. The review questions, after each chapter, are thought provoking to facilitate positive actions and outcomes. As an important orientation tool, this manual will teach practitioners facts they never learned in school and get them off to an excellent start.


Follow the author’s advice, provide care that is SECOND TO NONE and make yours the company of choice for home care services!

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