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Off the bat, let me say that I understand some people just don’t have the money. I get it, and I would advise them to call us anyway, because there might be an option they’re not considering, one they may not know about. For the rest of folks who are able to afford some form of insurance but think they have time, please consider the following:

1. We are not able to avoid all risks but we can prepare for many of them. We do not know when the sickness, death, hurricane or accident will occur. Being insured and prepared makes sense.

2. Every day that passes makes us older, which means insurance gets more expensive. Furthermore, every day that passes is another opportunity for illness to develop, which makes life insurance, in particular, either more expensive, difficult, or even impossible to purchase. Because of waiting, some people have to settle for lower face amounts (If they can get it) or getting just barely enough to cover the funeral expenses. Being insured and prepared makes sense.

3. Some of our babies develop serious medical conditions or are involved in accidents early on in life. Many of those are beyond our control. Being insured and prepared makes sense.

4. There are few things worse than the feeling people experience when having to rely on family and friends for the funds to bury their loved ones. Being informed, insured and prepared makes sense.

5. “I wish I had…” is a terrible feeling to live with. Taking initiative and being prepared makes sense.

6. Regret from not having set up your legacy, when it was very possible to do so can be devastating. In addition, watching those same, cheated, loved-ones struggle to care for you after an illness, can be too much for a person to bear. Preparation is key.

Don’t wait any longer! You don’t want to have disaster strike and find you unprepared. Call us today, we specialize in discovering solutions that work for you and your budget.


Your friend, Maryse.

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